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Quibi Trades Quick Bites for Tailpipes With a Drive-in Nobody Wanted

“Quibi, play ‘Golden Arm’ again.” Photo: YouTube

You can now rename Quibi to “LoHau,” because the struggling streaming service has switched its core strategy from quick bites to long hauls. The Jeffrey Katzenberg streamer launched earlier this year to whatever the opposite of fanfare is, and after its lackluster initial performance, Quibi is now marketing itself by doing exactly what it swore it never would: screening its content on a giant screen, in one long chunk. The Hollywood Reporter wrote that on Tuesday, August 25, Quibi hosted a drive-in screening of its original series The Stranger “stitched together as a feature film” on the garage rooftop of the Americana at Brand mall in Los Angeles. Series creator Veena Sud introduced the Quibematic experience to its 100-car audience, saying, “The Stranger was made for your small screen, for your phone screen. We’ve strung the entire series together into a feature and each episode is divided by time cards so you’ll see that as you watch. Originally it would drop in your phone every day, consecutive days, for 13 days and 13 episodes.” We wonder if anyone rolled their car over a full 90 degrees to take advantage of Quibi’s patented portrait-mode viewing experience.

Quibi Trades Quick Bites for Tailpipes With Drive-in Movie