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Rhode Island’s Passion for Calamari Confuses, Delights DNC Viewers

Photo: Democratic National Convention

The 2020 Democratic National Convention has largely been a polarizing affair, but there is one element on Tuesday night that viewers seemed to agree was entirely positive: Rhode Island State Democratic Party chairman Joseph McNamara calling Rhode Island “the calamari comeback state” during the roll-call vote, while a masked man in all black, identified as executive chef John Bordieri of Iggy’s Boardwalk restaurant, silently and powerfully holds a giant plate of calamari next to him. Social media exploded with joy and some amount of confusion at the inclusion of calamari in Rhode Island’s roll call, but any seafood expert worth their (sea) salt knows that calamari is the state’s official appetizer. “Our restaurant and fishing industry have been decimated by this pandemic,” McNamara noted, but if Twitter is to be believed, calamari is indeed going to make a comeback, especially if served seaside by stoic, somber chefs. Between this and Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island references on her newest album, it’s been a huge few weeks for the nation’s smallest state.

Rhode Island’s Passion for Calamari Delights DNC Viewers