Wait, So Why Did People in Rhode Island Get Checks Signed by Mickey Mouse?

Photo: Kent Phillips/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images

If Mickey Mouse still owes you money for that time-share you got together, that house you two tried to flip, or that toilet he accidentally broke the semester you lived together in college, looks like you’re still going to be waiting on that cash. Last week, almost 200 Rhode Island recipients got a check signed by both Walt Disney and Mickey, and not a one of them was actually from the famous mouse himself.

According to CNN, 176 tax refund checks were sent out with Mickey and Disney signatures, instead of signatures from Rhode Island state treasurer Seth Magaziner and controller Peter Keenan. Per Jade Borgeson, the state’s Department of Revenue chief of staff, the automatic check system over at their Division of Taxation never swapped out the test-print signatures used by the program.

The checks, mostly corporate refunds, have reportedly since been voided, with new checks to be distributed, along with an apology. In other words, if you were ready to quit hounding Mickey about that racehorse you went in on together all those years ago, it’s not time to let him off the hook quite yet.

Wait, Why Did Some People Get Checks Signed by Mickey Mouse?