Rick Ross and 2 Chainz Swap Bars, Employ ‘Essential Workers’ in Latest Verzuz Battle

Rick Ross getting a sensible massage during his Verzuz battle. Photo: IGTV

On the latest edition of the hit Instagram Live show Verzuz, rappers Rick Ross and 2 Chainz went toe-to-toe swapping bars and doing their civic duty to create job opportunities in a flailing economy. The jobs? Strippers and a masseuse, of course. Yes, during the absolute banger of a song “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” 2 Chainz brought out two bikini-clad exotic dancers complete with dollar bills to add to the mise-en-scène of the song. If hearing that triggers your coronavirus anxieties, at the very least the dancers were wearing masks, if not exactly six feet apart, so some precautions were taken. At the end of the song, 2 Chainz referred to the women as “essential workers” and praised their talents, which really did help the number come alive.

Not to be outdone by 2 Chainz, Rick Ross followed his lead by bringing out a masseuse (also donning a mask) and receiving an extensive massage at one point during the battle. That wasn’t the only surprise Ross had in store: He played a previously unreleased verse he said he recorded for Kanye West’s controversial hit “Famous.” Whether he got Taylor Swift’s approval is anyone’s guess, but let’s hope she was off in her cabin in the woods counting her money and not scrolling through Instagram tonight. Both artists also used the Verzuz battle to unveil new music, with 2 Chainz debuting “Money Maker” featuring Lil Wayne, and Ross sharing his latest track, “Pin Me to the Cross.” All in all, another wild, unforgettable night in the Verzuz universe.

Rick Ross and 2 Chainz Go Toe-to-Toe in Latest Verzuz Battle