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Let the Trailer for Selena Gomez’s Cooking Show Simmer in Your Sauté Pan

With no disrespect to Remy, we have a new little chef in town. HBO Max has debuted the first trailer for Selena Gomez’s new quarantine cooking show, Selena + Chef, a programming decision that once caused cookbook author Alison Roman to declare she wanted to die. The show, which was filmed entirely at Gomez’s home amid the coronavirus pandemic, will follow her as she tries to pick up a few culinary skills from famous chef friends, who are beaming into her kitchen thanks to technology. “I really love to eat,” Gomez narrates, “but I’m not the best cook.” There’s also the requisite scene of her oven catching on fire. Relatable! The show will premiere on August 13.

Simmer in This Trailer for Selena Gomez’s New Cooking Show