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Stephen Colbert Returns to (Somewhere Within) the Historic Ed Sullivan Theater

As promised, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert has returned to the beautiful, historic Ed Sullivan Theater at Broadway and W. 54th Street in Manhattan as of Monday night. The show hasn’t exactly returned to its home stage, which it left on March 12 with the onset of the coronavirus quarantine, but instead has set up replicated shop in Stephen Colbert’s office four floors up, now equipped with his old desk, his new haircut, and a beautiful faux skyline. Still, it’s definitely closer to normal, plus a hell of lot easier for the show’s production crew to commute to work.

“Welcome to a late show. I am your host Stephen Colbert. Still,” Colbert announces, noting he is coming off five months of broadcasting his late-night show from home. “As much as it’s nice to see my crew here in the building, I do want to thank my wife and kids again, for everything they did to help produce the show while I was home,” he said. “I just want to say, over the past five months, y’all became like a family to me. Thank you. I mean that.”

Colbert Is Back (Somewhere) Inside the Ed Sullivan Theater