filming in the time of covid

Succession Showrunner Jesse Armstrong Is Hoping to Shoot Season 3 in NYC Before Christmas

Photo: HBO

With everything still up in the air with regards to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard to make timelines for TV production, or any other element of human life. According to an interview with Variety, however, Succession creator and showrunner Jesse Armstrong is tentatively planning to start shooting the third season of the HBO dramedy in New York City before December 2020, God willing and if the rate of COVID-19 infection doesn’t rise.

While stressing that production planning is “just conversations” at the moment, Armstrong said the show is “trying to think about starting shooting in New York before Christmas.” He told Variety, “Who knows if that’ll come about, but that’s the plan at the moment.”

As for writing the show’s upcoming season, the extended purgatory that is the coronavirus quarantine has been, as it’s been for most people, not the best environment for finishing projects. “We are letting the work expand to fill the acres of time we’ve suddenly found,” admitted Armstrong. “I’m probably making no more progress than if I’d had six weeks instead of the six months that we’ve had.” Succession’s third season was initially scheduled to begin in April of this year.

Succession Creator Hopes to Film Season 3 Before Christmas