Zac Efron Will Star As One of Three Men or a Baby in Three Men and a Baby Reboot

The question is not whether he’s a baby or a man, but whether he’s a baby or three men. Photo: Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Zac Efron doesn’t have the raw sexual energy of Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, or even Steve Guttenberg, but he has been pegged to star in the Disney+ remake of Three Men and a Baby, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The article states that it “is not clear how the material will be updated,” but it will certainly need updating. The 1987 remake of a French farce was the first Disney live-action film to gross over $100 million, and was predicated on the wacky concept of men doing child-rearing. Three Mr. Mom’s in one! We have an idea for how to freshen up this diaper bin of a premise: Have Efron play all three men, or better yet, have him play the baby. The article also says that Disney is searching for a director, even though Kenny Ortega, the Jean-Luc Godard to Efron’s Anna Karina, is right there.

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Zac Efron to Play Man or Baby in Three Men and a Baby Reboot