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Listen to Travis Scott’s New Song ‘The Plan’ From Christoper Nolan’s Tenet Soundtrack

Dark, intense, trippy: It would be more surprising if Travis Scott’s new song from the Tenet soundtrack didn’t capture the feel of a Christopher Nolan movie. Part of composer Ludwig Göransson’s film score, Scott released “The Plan” at midnight on the East Coast Friday, August 21, after debuting it earlier in the evening on NBA on TNT. “Wondagurl and Ludwig. I just blew my speakers wtf !!!! Hahahahahahah,” the rapper tweeted after the single’s release, praising Göransson, alongside producer and songwriter Ebony Naomi Oshunrinde.

While Tenet is currently set to debut in the United States on September 3, the film is already garnering mixed-yet-intriguing reviews. Or, if you’re a huge Nolan fan, crushing reviews. The premise of the film has been carefully shrouded in mystery, so if you think any lyrics from “The Plan” might offer insight into Tenet, let us know. For example, per the new trailer above, what does she mean, he catches the bullet?!

Listen to Travis Scott’s New Song ‘The Plan’ From Tenet