rager teenager!

Troye Sivan Mopes in an Empty Tub in New ‘Rager Teenager!’ Music Video

You can put your moody folklore-style yearning on ice, with its woolly sweaters and black-and-white trees and lyrics about how “green was the color of the grass.” It’s not autumn yet! Give me a small empty bathtub in a lonely apartment with no AC and an open-shirted Troye Sivan, summer-2020-brand yearning. In the video for his new single, “Rager Teenager!,” Sivan trains a thousand-yard stare somewhere in the distance and sings about missing the kind of exciting teenage love in which you “fuck shit up and just ride” and “do some shit just to try.” He’s got some shiny origami to play with. He’s got some After Effects that go all distorty along with the warm, layered synths. He’s got a real Plath-level poetic rhyme of “rager” and “teenager.” Go find an empty tub to mope in and stream this single. The bathroom acoustics are probably great.

Troye Sivan Mopes in an Empty Tub in ‘Rager Teenager!’ Video