Miley Cyrus and Her Mullet Drop Music Video for ‘Midnight Sky’ at Midnight, Naturally

Miley Cyrus is back and she wants you to see her new quarantine cut. On Friday, August 14, the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana dropped the music video for her latest single “Midnight Sky” at (when else) midnight. While it’s no “WAP,” “Midnight Sky” does its best to break the internet by heavily featuring Miley Cyrus and her brand new cutting-edge pixie mullet in various ridiculous locations, from a room made up of mirrors to a room with a disco ball, streamers, and Technicolor statues of jungle animals. The shoot seems to have been quarantine friendly, as the video is fully comprised of Miley Cyrus, a mic stand, and her mullet. In the video, Miley, whose divorce from Liam Hemsworth was finalized earlier this year, sings about how she was “born to run” and doesn’t “belong to anyone,” at some points rocking a leotard with a Chanel belt and at other times sporting a black and white pant suit. Did we mention she has a pixie mullet? Check out Miley’s candy-coated, mullet-centric music video for “Midnight Sky.”

Miley Cyrus Drops Music Video for ‘Midnight Sky’ at Midnight