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Here’s How to Watch and Stream the 2020 Democratic National Convention

But can they do the Macarena? Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Getty Images

We can all agree that no Democratic National Convention will ever top the 1996 Democratic National Convention in sheer entertainment value. The delegates, and even Hillary Rodham Clinton herself, all danced the Macarena. Even better, they closed out the convention with a performance of “Seasons of Love” by the original Broadway cast of Rent. Can the 2020 convention boast an appearance by Idina Menzel? No. But if you care about things like the fate of this country’s democracy, it might be worth a watch. The 2020 DNC will run from Monday, August 17, to Thursday, August 20, when Joe Biden will close out the convention by accepting his party’s nomination as its presidential candidate. Speakers will include Senator Amy Klobuchar, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Bernie Sanders, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, President Bill Clinton, and Biden’s pick for vice-president, Senator Kamala Harris. Here is how to watch the 2020 DNC.

From 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. EST every night, the DNC will air on all major television networks. For cord-cutters, it will also stream on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and the Democratic National Convention website, which features a helpful programming schedule. The website will also have livestreams of daytime events, including various caucus meetings, running daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.

And if you’re just in it for the Rent of it all, the DNC this year will feature performances from Leon Bridges, Maggie Rogers, Billie Eilish, Jennifer Hudson, and the Chicks, among others. We defy Kamala Harris not to Macarena to “Bad Guy.

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Here’s How to Watch the 2020 Democratic National Convention