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Celebrate Doomsday with the Trailer for Baroness von Sketch Show’s Final Season

There’s a decent chance that in approximately five weeks, a whole lot of you are going to be looking into fleeing to Canada … because you’ll be having so much fun watching the latest season of IFC’s Canadian sketch-comedy series Baroness von Sketch Show, of course! After five seasons, the show starring Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne, and Jennifer Whalen is wrapping up, and the trailer for the final season suggests the show will be going out with a bang … and some workplace vomit. Have you ever seen the ashes of a dead cat fuck the ashes of a dead man? Now you have! The fifth and final season of Baroness von Sketch Show premieres on IFC Wednesday, October 14 at midnight.

It’s Doomsday in Baroness von Sketch Show’s Season 5 Trailer