Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Recovering After Impaling Hand in At-home Bowling Alley Accident

Photo: Fred Lee/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

In case you were wondering what the Cake Boss has been up to while all this 2020 has been going on, the answer is, unfortunately, recuperating after having his hand “impaled” and his fingers “crushed” in a “crazy freak accident” at his at-home bowling alley. After posting a photo of himself in a hospital bed last Wednesday, the reality star and owner of Jersey’s own Carlo’s Bakery paid a virtual visit to Good Morning America and the Today show on Monday to say he is recovering nicely, and also to describe what exactly happened, which will guarantee you never stick your hand inside any part of a bowling alley without years of training beforehand.

According to Valastro, his right hand became wedged in place when he tried to manually reset a pinsetter at the small bowling alley at his home, and a metal rod drove through it several times. “It was not a sharp object. It’s blunt,” he told Today. “It just blew out half my hand.”

Unable to pull his hand free, as it was now impaled on the mechanism, Valastro’s sons, Buddy and Marco, eventually cut him free from the machine with a reciprocating saw. He is currently recovering at home after two emergency surgeries. His representative told People last week, “It will be an uphill battle, as it’s Buddy’s dominant right hand, and he will need prolonged recovery and therapy.”

Cake Boss Recovering After Impaling Hand in Bowling Accident