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Chet Hanks Takes a Chance on Love and Shoots His Shot With Adele

On Sunday, many fans responded to Adele’s recently selfie — featuring the singer in a Jamaican flag bikini top, carnivale-inspired feather collar, and Bantu knots — with concerns about cultural appropriation. Other fans, however, had one simple question: Where is Chet Hanks? Tom Hanks’s second eldest son has been known to lapse into a faux-Jamaican accent in public, including on the red carpet at the 2020 Golden Globes, and the internet felt the pair would have a lot to talk about, even if it would be in an embarrassing fake patois.

Apparently Chet Hanks agreed, or at least understood how he could leverage his faux-Caribbean stylings to potentially meet Adele, eventually posting an Instagram video praising the singer’s photo in a Ras Trent–level Jamaican accent, singing along to her hit song “Set Fire to the Rain,” and, of course, encouraging her to slide into his DMs. Just so you know Chet Hanks is serious about meeting Adele, he was sure to tag the Shade Room on the post, declaring in the caption: “@theshaderoom PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ADELE HIT MY LINE ASAP !!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO TALK TO HER ABOUT SOMETHING,” alongside, let’s see, about 12 Jamaican flags.

Chet Hanks Goes Ahead and Shoots His Shot With Adele