22 Years Later, Here’s Christina Aguilera Singing ‘Reflection’ Again

If you’re not planning to shell out the $30 for Disney’s live-action Mulan when it hits Disney+ on September 4 — never mind the monthly subscription cost! — here’s a crumb from Disney. Except maybe you’ve heard this one before, some 22 years ago. Disney released the music video for Christina Aguilera’s 2020 cover of “Reflection,” which needs this year in front of it because Aguilera previously covered the exact same song in 1998 when the original Mulan came out. Twenty-two years later, the notes are still big (and Aguilera’s dress equally so), but the clips are now live-action, coming in five-second bursts short enough that you won’t get any plot spoilers from this decades-old tale. “Reflection” not only follows “Reflection,” but also Aguilera’s performance of new song “Loyal Brave True.” The full soundtrack is out September 4, along with the movie.

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Christina Aguilera Sings ‘Reflection’ Again, 22 Years Later