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Desmin Borges Went Ahead and Quoted Dwight Schrute to Rainn Wilson’s Face

Here are some things you might not know about You’re the Worst’s Desmin Borges and Tala Ashe from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: They are both Midwesterners, they love basketball, and they are theater nerds in the most classic sense of the term. As in, they met through playwright Kristoffer Diaz, August: Osage County had a big impact on Ashe, and Borges performs his own rendition of ‘Wilkommen’ from Cabaret at the beginning of the above video. But the trouble with being a theater nerd, as this episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well proves, is that you are, before all else, a nerd who is prone to nerdistry.

Case in point, Borges shared a story from when he first met The Office’s Rainn Wilson, his co-star in the upcoming Amazon series Utopia. When the cast met up for the very first time over dinner, Borges was explaining that he owned a small farm. And when Wilson asked him what kind, Borges —unable to contain himself because nerds literally cannot — immediately answered: “beet.” “He looked at me,” Borges recalled, “and it took him a moment and then he started laughing and goes ‘Ohhh you’re one of those.’” “We’re all one of those,” Ashe declared. But don’t worry, it gets nerdier: Borges then informed Wilson that he could probably recite all of Dwight’s lines to him — a challenge Wilson accepted. “And then I did a couple of them for him; and that was the last time we talked about The Office,” he said. “That’s a cool dude though! He was like ‘I’m gonna give you this moment and then we’re never gonna speak of it again,’” Ashe said, with an air of empathy for the needs of Big Nerd Energy that only a member of the DC Universe could possess.

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Desmin Borges Quoted Dwight Schrute to Rainn Wilson’s Face