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Doug Benson Got High on Our Instagram Show and We’re Honored

This week on Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well we had two friends who are also two Dougs: Doug Benson and Doug Mellard, who currently host a podcast about, well, Dougs called Wide World of Dougs. The conversation itself was a series of delights: Benson wishes Amazon’s The Boys wasn’t so cruel to animals, and apparently he got to meet Brad Pitt in a dressing room this year. But this episode also needs a parental advisory, as in, don’t let your parents watch it all the way through. Walk them out of the room at around the 20-minute mark. Otherwise, they will be upset, because Doug Benson is Doug Benson, so Doug Benson gets high.

To be clear, we aren’t mad about it. We booked Benson on a show that was happening live at 4 p.m. PT so, really, this is on us. Anyone with a passing knowledge of the comedian could’ve predicted this. And while such behavior might upset our own Governor Cuomo, it is not illegal in Benson’s home state of California. So, really, our only concern here is for your parents. Are they mad? If they’re mad, go ahead and cheer them up with this picture Benson took of Leonard Maltin’s wife, Alice, with Brad Pitt in said dressing room where they all hung out! (Apparently Brad is not that tall, Alice is just very short!)

If you liked this episode and want to see more, follow Vulture on Instagram for information on future episodes! If you want to see more of Benson gettin’ high, he has a livestream show on October 3 at 4:20 p.m. PT.

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Doug Benson Got High on Our Instagram Show and We’re Honored