The Drew Barrymore Show Bursts Onto the Scene With a Charlie’s Angels Reunion

Drew’s News. Photo: YouTube

Happy The Drew Barrymore Show day, everybody! If you didn’t catch it this morning on your local CBS affiliate station, Barrymore is doing for daytime talk television what she has already done for affordable beauty, roller derby, and Walmart home décor. Which is to say, making it her own. Beginning today, September 14, Barrymore’s talk show will air weekday mornings, socially distanced virtual audiences and all. For her very first episode, Barrymore staged a Charlie’s Angels reunion, inviting co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu to the studio to sit six feet apart (Liu IRL, Diaz via… hologram?) and show Ellen how a talk show is done.

And that wasn’t the only reunion Barrymore hosted for her first episode. She also revived the character of Lucy from her 2004 rom-com 50 First Dates for a sketch with Adam Sandler, exploring how the amnesiac character would respond to … well … [gestures to all of 2020]. This sketch is significant because Barrymore absolutely parodies that character’s beachy waves with a crunchy blonde wig, made all the more uncanny by how zaddy Sandler looks in a beard. The whole sketch looks like it was edited in Microsoft Paint, and there are tons of fart jokes. It’s perfect. I mean that wig.

Drew Barrymore Show Debuts With Charlie’s Angels Reunion