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Dwayne Johnson Throws His Dwayne Johnson–Size Weight Behind Joe Biden and ‘Badass’ Kamala Harris

If you are still on the fence about who to vote for this fall, let Dwayne Johnson grab you off that fence and reverse pile-drive you onto the Democratic side of the ring. On Sunday, the Jumanji actor sat down with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for a conversation about their campaign, the importance of voting, and, most important, the fact their ticket is now officially The Rock approved.

“I have been a lucky guy over the years, in my life and my career, to have been a part of and participating in some real defining moments, and I’ve never publicly endorsed a presidential candidate or a vice-presidential candidate, in my life, over my career,” the actor says in the first of their two videos. “So, I figured, let’s kick this conversation off this way: by me officially publicly endorsing you both to become president and vice-president of our great country.”

The trio kept it pretty brief, but Johnson does take time to praise both of their records. “I’ve seen you in those hearings,” he tells Harris. “And, in my opinion, you are a certified badass.” When asked how he planned to win the American public’s respect, Biden says his administration would strive for transparency, especially during a crisis.

“We’re not going to be perfect, but take responsibility. Say, ‘This is what I’m going to do. This is what I believe,’ and tell the truth,” he says. “That sounds so basic, but the American people are strong, they’re tough, they can take anything if you level with them, and tell the truth, and one of the ways we’re going to do it is to demonstrate we mean what we say. Our administration, DJ, is going to look like America. It’s going to be representative of all of America.” In the second video, Biden and Harris break down the need for a voting plan, as you get ready to (The) Rock the Vote come November.

Dwayne Johnson Throws His Rock-Size Weight Behind Biden