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Harry Styles Is Really Leaning Into the Whole Acting Thing, Circling Role in My Policeman

Harry Styles’s headshot. Photo: Getty Images

Harry Styles has caught the acting bug and it simply won’t let him go. After replacing Shia LaBeouf in Olivia Wilde’s upcoming film Don’t Worry Darling, the pop star is in talks to scoop up another plum role opposite Rebecca’s Lily James. Deadline reports that Styles and James are in talks to star in the film adaptation of the acclaimed novel My Policeman from Amazon Studios and Berlanti Schechter Productions. The film is slated to be directed by Tony and Olivier Award recipient Michael Grandage, with an adapted screenplay by Oscar nominee Ron Nyswaner. Production on My Policeman is set to begin next summer, so what this means for Styles’s previously announced tour, Love on Tour 2021, is anyone’s guess, but hopefully he finds a way to do both.

My Policeman is a period piece set in the late 1990s (now considered the distant past), that tells the tale of “elderly invalid” Patrick who stumbles into the home of heterosexual couple Marion and Tom, leading to “a passionate relationship” between Tom and Patrick at a time when homosexuality was illegal. Yes, Harry Styles is in talks to star in a queer romance. Call Me By Your Name is shaking. Portrait of a Lady on Fire found dead in a ditch. Assuming James and Styles are circling Marion and Tom, that leaves the role of Patrick, the elderly invalid wide open. Dream casting for the invalid Patrick begins now, but don’t waste your time saying Louis Tomlinson as we’ve reached our limit on movies based on Harry Styles fanfic.

Harry Styles Circling Role in Amazon Studios’ My Policeman