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Emma Roberts Has a Holly, Jolly, Horny Year in the Holidate Trailer

Cuffing season is no match for Emma Roberts in the Holidate trailer. Despite thriving as her family’s only single person as the end of the year approaches, her character gets pressured by her kooky aunt (Kristin Chenoweth) into setting up a no-commitment date with an Australian fox (Luke Bracey) “solely for the holiday.” They seem to get along just fine with their mutual disdain for the holidays, but as Christmas becomes Easter and Easter becomes the Fourth of July, it’s pretty obvious that these two may be using the old “human beings aren’t supposed to be alone for the holidays” excuse to keep on flirting. That and the promise of an even sexier Dirty Dancing reenactment. The rom-com will premiere on Netflix on October 28.

Emma Roberts Has a Holly, Horny Year in the Holidate Trailer