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Jenna Lyons’s New HBO Max Show Has People Competing for, Uh, Something

Jenna Lyons is getting a TV show, and it is about something. Somethings, you might even say. Fashion! Interior design! Beauty! At least I think that’s what it’s about based on those words flashing across the screen in a new trailer for Stylish With Jenna Lyons. (The show premieres on November 26.) Lyons is — again, I’m just parroting here — going to be “testing creative associates” to potentially join her in a new business venture. Sorry, sorry. Not a business … “a family,” which, from what I can gather, involves a bunch of chicly-dressed folks hanging out and moving around couches and styling outfits and demolishing walls?

Have I been wondering what Lyons has been up to since she stepped down from running J.Crew in 2017? Yes. Yes, I have. Is she the woman who taught me the right way to cuff a shirt by folding the sleeves in half at the elbow and then rolling them a little to reach the desired length? Yes. Yes, she is. Will I be watching this show that appears at first glance to be a chaotic love child of Trading Spaces and Project Runway, with a hint of that one ill-fated season of Gallery Girls, and to have absolutely no feet in reality? Yes. Yes, I will.

Jenna Lyons’s New Show Has People Competing for … Something