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Jen Aniston Fighting an Actual Fire Is Exactly What We Thought the 2020 Emmys Would Be

Photo: ABC

Jimmy Kimmel’s David Lynch–level monologue might not have appealed to every Emmy Awards viewer Sunday night, what with him seeing his own doppelgänger in the audience and realizing Jason Bateman was hidden among an auditorium filled with cardboard cutouts, but the evening’s second bit appealed to everyone, much like a certain ’90s sitcom that comes to mind. Jennifer Aniston arrived in person to be the evening’s opening presenter, patiently waiting for Kimmel to sanitize the evening’s first award (which went to Catherine O’Hara for her incredible Schitt’s Creek performance). Then, just to be safe, he threw the envelope into a trash can and set it alight.

Turns out, alcohol-based sanitizer is even more flammable than whoever pitched this gag anticipated, and while Aniston immediately stepped in with a fire extinguisher per the bit, she kept having to put it out over and over, as flames leapt from the trash can, each spray growing more and more awkward as everyone at home (and probably both of them) slowly started to wonder if Jimmy Kimmel was just going to have to continue the show next to a small but raging fire. Luckily, Aniston eventually got it down, and, provided there aren’t any more fire-related segments tonight, Kimmel continued the show unscathed.

Photo: ABC and Vulture
Jennifer Aniston Put Out an Actual Fire at This Year’s Emmys