It’ll Take Us the Rest of 2020 to Decipher These ‘911’ Video GIFs

Photo: YouTube

Lady Gaga is back to being her fully indecipherable self in her new music video for “911,” the third single off her new album Chromatica, out September 18. It’s Chromatica’s return to the desert after Gaga’s soaking wet “Rain on Me” video, with an instantly iconic cast of characters and a twist that demands hours of rewatching and theorizing. It also demands dozens and dozens of GIFs, with each moment being as wonderful and confusing as the next. They don’t call her a tricon for nothing. We may not understand the video, but we do know a moment when we see it. Let’s pore over some of the best from the “911” video.

What happened last night?

Giving the Upside Down new meaning.

Live shot of me trying to understand this video.

The only way to pull up.

This is how we’re dancing when we return to the clubs.

Tip me over and pour me out.

I welcome any leads on where I can buy this look.

The category is “May Queen eleganza”!

No, sorry, this is the GIF of me waking up.

The way this video revived me.

It’ll Take Us Many Years to Decipher These ‘911’ Video GIFs