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Lizzo Sanitizes the Vogue 73 Questions Guy Before Letting Him in Her House

Listen, the coronavirus isn’t gonna come between Lizzo and her glow. The 32-year-old beauty made sure to spritz on the hand sanitizer before letting Vogue’s 73 Questions guy in her Los Angeles home. As this month’s cover star, Lizzo got the Vogue combo: both a glossy profile written by poet Claudia Rankine and an episode on its viral video series. Dressed in a casual feather-lined body-con gown, Lizzo and her ponytail bop around her mansion, answering questions like “Martin or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?” and “What would be your song to walk down the aisle to?” “You talking about the aisle down the private jet? I like to walk down the private-jet aisle to [‘Laffy Taffy’] by D4L,” she deflects, cackling while laid out on a giant LoveSac beanbag chair, surrounded by her riches and accolades. Two questions later, when asked if Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck” is still going to be the first dance song at her wedding, she can’t even contain herself. “These are all funny because I’m not getting married,” she laughs. “Did I say that in an interview? Was I drunk? I love ‘Knuck If You Buck.’ I think it’s the national anthem.” Thinking about marriage? In this economy? Too risky. But now that he’s been properly sanitized, Lizzo shamelessly flirts with the disembodied interviewer. “C’mon, lay down,” she offers up the left side of the beanbag chair. Sorry, Lizzo, Condé Nast Entertainment already has enough worries.

Lizzo Sanitizes the Vogue 73 Questions Guy, Then Lets Him In