Loretta Lynn and Kid Rock Get (Faux) Hitched

Photo: Rick Diamond/WireImage for NARAS

Not all of us have reached the “get pretend married to Kid Rock” phase of quarantine madness, but Loretta Lynn has always been ahead of the curve. While at a vow-renewal ceremony for her son and daughter-in-law, Ernie and Crystal Lynn, on Sunday, the 88-year-old country music legend accepted the “Bawitdaba” singer’s hand in marriage for a goof.

“I’m so proud of them and wish them years of happiness,” she wrote about the couple on Instagram. “Things got crazy then —my boy @kidrock was there and we’ve always teased about getting ourselves married. Well, the preacher was already there so we had some fun with it. Sorry girls, he’s taken now!” Based on the photos Lynn posted, it was a real no-shirt, no-mask, no social-distancing type of wedding, which would have been one’s dream wedding to Kid Rock any other year, but dear God, not this one!

Lynn’s granddaughter Tayla Lynn described the event as a “hillbilly soirée with an elegant flair” and described the moment they surprised Loretta Lynn with a faux wedding. “Now you must understand how close Kid and Memaw have gotten,” she wrote on Instagram. “Like they adore each other. They joke around all the time about getting married and saying to heck with the rest of em.” We’re praying 2020 has one tiny shred of joy left for us and it turns out their marriage is actually legally binding, rom-com-style. If not, why court absolute disaster?

Loretta Lynn and Kid Rock Get (Faux) Hitched