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Melissa Villaseñor’s Lin-Manuel Miranda Impression Is ‘Drowning’

We’ve listened to the Hamilton soundtrack for hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours, so we know a half-decent Lin-Manuel Miranda impression when we hear it. We’ve also enjoyed Melissa Villaseñor’s goofy, spot-on celebrity impressions on Saturday Night Live for years now. But Villaseñor’s Lin-Manuel Miranda impression may need some workshopping before Saturday Night Live begins its new season on October 3. Last night, Villaseñor appeared on Conan to talk impressions, including Miranda. The look is there: The eyeliner goatee is spot-on. The theory behind it checks out, too: She says, “The way he sings, it’s like he’s in the sea and he’s drowning.” No lie there. But the end result comes across a bit more “rejected new Sesame Street muppet concept” and less of the lip-bite king we know and love. It’s still a hilarious interview, though. During the chat, Villaseñor nails an impression of John Mulaney walking down the street and waving (it looks very sleepy and floppy) and revisits her magnum opus, Owen Wilson. Wow!

Melissa Villaseñor’s Lin-Manuel Impression Is ‘Drowning’