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Phoebe Bridgers’s Tiny Desk Is Not Live From the Oval Office. Or Is It?

Living up to her status as the queen of the apocalypse, Phoebe Bridgers performed her Tiny Desk (Home) Concert right from the Oval Office, where the end of the world continues to play on. Okay, so maybe not quite — she performed in front of a green-screen set to appear as the Oval Office, but hey, who cares when the music is this good? Bridgers brought her new album, Punisher, to NPR, playing “Kyoto,” “Moon Song,” and “I Know the End.” In true apocalyptic form, the green screen glitched out during the final song, as Bridgers picked up an electric guitar and delivered that iconic scream with the help of dozens of virtual fans. If you feel like screaming, too, now’s your chance.

Phoebe Bridgers’s Tiny Desk Isn’t Not at the Oval Office