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Rainn Wilson Reminds These Actors That The Office Hated Their Auditions

2003 was a simpler time, back when we could do things like “eat indoors” and freely “go to inessential businesses,” but it was also when casting was underway for a little work sitcom on NBC called The Office. As future identity-theft icon Rainn Wilson showed (and told, without beets) on Tuesday’s The Late Late Show, he was gifted the “original sign-in sheet” for the first day of auditions from the show’s casting director. Wilson, who read for both Michael and Dwight, was also the very first actor to audition. “There’s all of these other actors as well,” he explained. “We can make fun of all of the people who didn’t get cast, like Adam Scott. You get to mock him for not getting cast as Jim.” Also on the sheet is Mary Lynn Rajskub as Pam, Hamish Linklater as Jim, and Alan Tudyk as Michael. While Wilson has us, he’s also going to reveal their most recent tax returns and actual heights.

Rainn Wilson Reminds Actors of Their Office Audition Fails