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Remembering the Time RBG Put Stephen Colbert Through His Paces, and Her Gym Routine, on Late Show

After 2018’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary RBG welcomed America behind the scenes of the late Supreme Court justice’s life, one element of Ginsburg’s day-to-day routine that tickled viewers pink was the octogenarian’s commitment to fitness, with Kate McKinnon parodying the at-home version on SNL, Ginsburg’s trainer Bryant Johnson demonstrating her moves on Good Morning America, and, at one point that March, RBG herself stopping by The Late Show to show Stephen Colbert she wasn’t messing around when it comes to staying in shape.

Before the pair hit the gym, however, Colbert challenged Ginsburg to an intellectual debate. The question at hand: Is a hot dog a sandwich? You’ll have to watch the video above to see her entire thought process, but just know that it requires first establishing the definition of a sandwich, and then admitting, somewhat ruefully, that under Colberts definition of a sandwich, a hot dog could logically be considered one. So, in memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, enjoy her barely breaking a sweat, while making Stephen Colbert work for that final high-five.

Remembering the Time RBG Hit the Gym With Stephen Colbert