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Save Yourselves! Trailer: Social Distancing During an Apocalypse, But Cute and Funny

The trailer for Save Yourselves! would have already felt very timely, even if people weren’t fleeing cities to social distance in bucolic milieus in the midst of an apocalyptic-feeling global event. But the newfound social relevance definitely doesn’t hurt. The Sundance indie follows Brooklyn couple Jack (John Reynolds) and Su (Sunita Mani), who decide they need to detox from their tech addictions by going on a retreat to a remote cabin, courtesy of High Maintenance guy Ben Sinclair. During their stint offline, though, the world just happens to get invaded by Tribble-style aliens, or “pouffes.” Maybe it’s the 2020 talking, but they almost look like fluffy, cooing little COVID-cells. If Jack and Su can’t even start a fire without Youtube tutorials, will they be able to survive a very adorable alien attack? Save Yourselves! premieres in theaters on October 2 and on VOD October 6.

Save Yourselves! Trailer: Social Distancing, But Cute