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She’s All That Is Getting a Remake. And a Gender Swap. And a TikTok Star.

Addison Rae. Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix

Few directors have shaped more millennial childhoods than Mark Waters, who had a legendary three-year stretch when he directed Freaky Friday in 2003, Mean Girls in 2004, and Just Like Heaven in 2005 (you may scoff at the inclusion of that last one in this line-up but it was must-see Ruffalo content for any 13 Going on 30 fan at the time). It’s some Last Dancelevel influence and impact. So when Variety reported that Hype House member and TikTok star Addison Rae (full name Addison Rae Easterling) had been cast in a remake of She’s All That, gender-swapped to be called He’s All That, and that it would be directed by Waters, we knew that the original 1999 source material was in good hands. The original Freddie Prinze Jr./Rachel Leigh Cook teen rom-com is a classic of the “what if a nerdy girl took off her glasses and was hot?” genre, but Addison Rae won’t be playing the nerd who undergoes a transformation. Because it’s gender-swapped, Addison Rae will play the popular kid who makes over a nerdy boy. This will be Addison Rae’s major film debut, but considering she has … no, that can’t be right … 60 MILLION (?!) followers on TikTok … I … have a good weekend, everyone.

She’s All That Is Getting a Remake With TikTok’s Addison Rae