Steven Soderbergh Rounds Up Film Twitter Favorites for No Sudden Move

We have to stan. Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Getty Images

Further proving that Film Twitter stans can perhaps become excellent casting directors one day, Steven Soderbergh has landed an all-star cast full of internet darlings for his latest film, No Sudden Move. The film is officially set for release on HBO Max and begins production on September 28, per a release. The cast includes Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbour, Amy Seimetz, Jon Hamm, Ray Liotta, Kieran Culkin, Brendan Fraser, Noah Jupe, Julia Fox, and more. From Lily Allen’s new husband to Roman Roy to Honey Boy star Noah Jupe, the cast is full of faves. Not a single frame has been shot but let the stanning begin. Written by Ed Solomon (Bill & Ted Face the Music), No Sudden Move follows a group of petty criminals in 1955 Detroit hired to steal what they believe is a harmless document. When the plan inevitably goes wrong, their search for answers “weaves them through all echelons of the race-torn, rapidly changing city.”

“The last time I shot a movie in Detroit with a great script and a great cast things worked out really well, so I’m very excited behind my mask right now,” Soderbergh said in a press release, referencing 1998’s Out of Sight. No Sudden Move was previously titled Kill Switch before it was put on hold in March due to the coronavirus. Sebastian Stan, George Clooney, and John Cena were all connected to the film at one point. In April, Soderbergh was appointed head of the Director’s Guild of America’s coronavirus task force, so considering he’s heading back to production, we must once again ask: What does Soderbergh know? No Sudden Move is one of the first films to be part of his overall deal with the infant streamer. Another, Let Them All Talk, starring Meryl Streep, Dianne Wiest, Lucas Hedges, and Gemma Chan, is expected on HBO Max sometime this year. Clearly the stans had a say in that, too.

Soderbergh Rounds Up Film Twitter Favorites for New Movie