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Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci Are Doomed for Heartbreak in the Supernova Trailer

Don’t let the allure of a Colin Firth beard and fisherman sweater combo deceive you: This is some serious business. In the first trailer for Supernova, Firth and fellow babe Stanley Tucci star as a longtime couple who decide to take an RV trip across England following an early-onset dementia diagnosis for Tucci’s character, who, with every passing week, gets a little less lucid. With the duo driving around the country to visit old friends and family members, it becomes fairly obvious that this is less of a holiday and more of a farewell tour. “I want to be remembered for who I was,” Tucci says, “and not who I’m about to become.” Supernova, which will premiere at the London Film Festival in October, has yet to secure an American release date.

Supernova Trailer: Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci, and Romance