Taylor Swift Gifted Katy Perry a Hand-Embroidered Blanket for Baby Bloom

Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Getty Images

Miss Taylor “Now I send their babies presents” Swift gifted Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom a hand-embroidered blanket for their new addition, Daisy. Perry posted pics of the present on Instagram, along with a handwritten note “sent with love from the desk of Taylor Swift.” (Her curly handwriting is best suited for personalized notes and diary entries.) “Miss 🌼🕊 adores her hand embroidered blankie from miss @taylorswift,” Perry captioned her post. “Hope it’s one she drags around for years till it becomes an unrecognizable shred that she keeps in her pocket as a teenager.” Rest assured, the media will definitely be asking about it when Daisy undoubtedly saves pop music in 2040.

The pink silk blanket, with pulls and wrinkles proving Swift made it with the same two hands she used to craft folklore, has “2020” and “Baby Bloom” embroidered into it, along with yellow stars and a pink flower. In her note, Taylor begins to explain that she was obsessed with a “tiny silk” soother when she was a baby. Auntie Taylor loves a homemade gift. Last year, she settled her feud with Perry by sending over a plate of fresh-baked cookies with “Peace at last” written in frosting. The singer-songwriter-DIYer must have had many a blankie to embroider this quarantine. Close friend Ed Sheeran had a baby, Lyra, in August, and her ex Joe Jonas welcomed his daughter with Sophie Turner, Willa, in July. All that guitar-plucking has prepared her fingertips for this moment.

Taylor Swift Gifted Katy Perry’s Baby a Handmade Blanket