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The Amber Ruffin Show and Wilmore Trailers: Peacock Dips Into Late Night

Peacock is getting ready to enter the late-night game in the form of two new shows hosted by Nightly Show alum Larry Wilmore and Late Night With Seth Meyers’s Amber Ruffin, and today the streaming service released trailers for both series. Above is the trailer for The Amber Ruffin Show, which was first announced in September 2019 and makes its Peacock debut on Friday, September 25. The show, which Ruffin spoke with us about earlier this month, “will showcase Amber’s signature smart and silly take on the week’s news. No matter what’s happening in the world, Amber will respond to it with a charming mix of seriousness, nonsense, and evening gowns.” Or, to put it more simply, Ruffin describes it in the trailer this way: “My show’s got jokes, sketches, and, of course, thoughtful monologues on how to defeat systemic racism. It’s a laugh riot!” Late Night’s Seth Meyers and Michael Shoemaker are credited as executive producers alongside Ruffin’s frequent Late Night collaborator Jenny Hagel, who also serves as the show’s head writer.

Next up is Wilmore, which premieres this Friday, September 18, and features the former Nightly Show host having a range of “real discussions with high-profile people from all different backgrounds, including sports, politics, and entertainment.” Speaking to the New York Times for a profile published on September 11, Wilmore said he’s viewing the 11-episode show as a limited series for now: “Is it going to get picked up? No,” he told the Times. “This is going to be done, and then we’ll sit down at the right time and say, Is this something we want to do as a permanent thing?” None of the upcoming guests for Wilmore’s show have been revealed just yet, but thankfully the show premieres in just a few days, so we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Watch the New Amber Ruffin Show and Wilmore Trailers