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The Killers Welcome the Raiders to Las Vegas With a Rooftop Rendition of ‘Mr. Brightside’

The Killers playing Louisville’s Forecastle Festival on July 12, 2019. Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The Killers just played Radio 2’s Live at Home festival from a rooftop in Vegas last week, so, since they were already up there anyway, Brandon Flowers and the boys decided to welcome the relocated Las Vegas Raiders to their new home city during halftime Monday night. “Hello, we’re the Killers, and it’s our pleasure to welcome the Raiders to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada,” the front man declared before their performance, which was broadcast on ESPN. “I think we’ve got just the song for the occasion.”

While the Raiders did play last week, Monday’s game against the New Orleans Saints was the team’s first home game in their new city. While fans probably cared way more about the final score than watching Vegas’s own Killers (the Raiders won, just FYI), it was also nice to relax and pretend, just for a second, we were back in 2003 and “Mr. Brightside” had just hit the radio. Go ahead, give it a try. It also works with “Crazy in Love,” “Seven Nation Army,” and “Hey Ya!”

Killers Welcome Raiders to Vegas With Rooftop ‘Brightside’