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The Nest Trailer Stars Jude Law, Carrie Coon, and the Iciest Glares You Can Imagine

You can get a giant country manor, horses, and marriage to Jude Law, all the hair spray you need to pull off your 1980s hairdos, but will you ever be happy, and is it all too good to be true? That’s the dilemma Carrie Coon, duchess of onscreen emptiness, faces in The Nest, Sean Durkin’s follow-up to Martha Marcy May Marlene. In the film, Law plays an entrepreneur and former commodities broker who persuades his American wife, Coon, to move to England, where they lease a manor, try to adopt upper-class life, and question whether the whole charade will fall apart. The film made it onto our list of the best movies at Sundance this year, with Alison Willmore writing that Law is “cast perfectly” and “Coon may run off with the movie as a woman increasingly embittered by the expectation that she just accept her husband’s decisions to run them off yet another financial cliff in his need to feel impressive.” Months later, The Nest plans to premiere in theaters September 18 and on VOD on November 17. Bring your own delusions of grandeur.

The Nest Trailer: Jude Law! Carrie Coon! Icy Glaring!