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Travis Scott Wants You to Watch His New Music Video ‘Franchise’ in IMAX Theaters

Travis Scott and Christopher Nolan have a plan (to keep Tenet from flopping). The rapper, who contributed the song “The Plan” to Tenet’s soundtrack, just dropped a new single and music video, “Franchise,” featuring Young Thug and M.I.A., and it’s premiering at Tenet showings in select IMAX theaters nationwide. “I DIRECTED THIS FILM FOR THIS SAGA OF UTOPIA MY GUY CHRIS NOLAN LETS US ROCK IN ALL THE IMAXES WORLD WIDE,” Scott announced on Twitter. “GO WATCH THE IMAX EXPERIENCE TONIGHT.” The movie-theater equivalent of the remix hack, the music video was even shot on film, just how Nolan likes it. “I can’t wait to hear it on the IMAX speakers and see those sheep stampede across the giant screen as part of a Travis/Tenet/Travis sandwich,” Christopher Nolan wrote to Scott, according to a handwritten note he tweeted.

Sheep? Oh, right. The music video follows Scott around Michael Jordan’s legendary Chicago-area mansion, the ultimate flex, as he passes the song to Young Thug and M.I.A. At one point, a huge flock of sheep surrounds a flower-covered M.I.A. and she just keeps vibing. For all we know, the sheep are vibing, too. Nolan and Scott’s partnership continues to make the most sense purely based on their twin ability to make us all go “Huh?” Watch “Franchise” from the safety of your home above.

Travis Scott Wants You to Watch His New Music Video in IMAX