Troop Beverly Hills Is Working Toward Its Sequel Badge

Photo: TriStar Pictures

We’ve already instituted cookie time 24/7 to get through 2020, and the Freddie seems perfectly designed to blow up on TikTok, so it makes sense a Troop Beverly Hills sequel is finally upon us. According to Entertainment Weekly, a sequel to the 1989 Shelley Long comedy is in the works from Israeli filmmaker Oran Zegman. The project, penned by screenwriter Aeysha Carr, will be Zegman’s feature directorial debut.

Currently the showrunner of Hulu’s Woke, Carr is also writing Kevin Hart and Will Smith’s upcoming Planes, Trains & Automobiles reboot. While there’s no word about what the plot of the Troop Beverly Hills sequel might be, Shelley Long’s well-meaning Real Housewife did mentor a whole troop of ultra-rich girl scouts; surely one of them would be willing to take up her fur coat and black belt in shopping in adulthood.

Troop Beverly Hills Is Working on Its Sequel Badge