Even Tyra Banks Admits That Her DWTS Hosting ‘Wasn’t Perfect’

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Like the new crop of contestants on Dancing With the Stars, Tyra Banks isn’t getting any tens for her performance yet. And the competition’s new host knows it, admitting in a TikTok after the second episode that “it wasn’t perfect.” “Yeah, I had a lot of fun, but I messed up. I said the wrong words,” she said. And we heard no lies. But Banks turned her rough hosting performance into a motivational moment, telling fans, “The thing is, I kept going.” “Forgive yourself when you mess up, stand the heck up, and keep going,” she said. “And tell the haters, ‘What? What? I don’t know your name. What? What? I don’t see you. What? What?’ ‘Cause I’m getting up, and I’m keeping going.” Banks has been criticized for a rushed and awkward performance since she took over the job from longtime host Tom Bergeron and co-host Erin Andrews, who left as the show pursued a “creative refresh.” Catch her smizing through the criticism when the show returns next Tuesday, September 29.

Even Tyra Banks Admits Her DWTS Hosting ‘Wasn’t Perfect’