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Wheel of Fortune Spins Into the Coronavirus Era With Wheel Condoms

Store in a cool, dry place. Photo: Carol Kaelson

Always remember to practice safe spins, it’s common sense. Wheel of Fortune, just like Jeopardy!, is poised to return to television on September 14 after a forced coronavirus hiatus, with many enhanced safety measures implemented to keep contestants safe as they try to recall all 26 vowels and consonants. In a first-look given to Good Morning America, one of these new measures is referred to as “the white thing,” which is a personal spinning cap made out of latex lubricant plastic that fits over the wheel’s erect spikes — giving contestants a worry-free spin with its rolled-up protection. “Our challenge was not unique, to get back up and running in a way that is safe for everyone involved,” executive producer Mike Richards said in a statement. “I think we have accomplished that in a big way.” We’d say average size, but sure!

Wheel of Fortune Enters Coronavirus Era With Wheel Condoms