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How Do You Watch the New Mulan?

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Following months of anticipation and the disappointment of a delayed release due to COVID-19, Disney’s live-action adaptation of Mulan is finally premiering — on streaming. However, watching the new movie requires a bit of streaming savvy. Not to worry, though. We’re here to answer all of your Mulan questions so you can watch the highly anticipated movie at home.

When is Mulan Arriving on Disney+?

Mulan was initially slated for a March theatrical release, but like so many major films, Mulan’s premiere was pushed back following the coronavirus outbreak. After postponing Mulan’s release several times, Disney announced that it would be bypassing a theatrical premiere in favor of releasing the movie directly on Disney+. Mulan will now hit the streaming platform on September 4.

Do You Have to Subscribe to Disney+ to Watch Mulan?

Yes. Mulan will only be accessible to active Disney+ subscribers, who will watch the same way they stream everything else on the service, i.e., via the Disney+ platform.

How Much Is Mulan Going to Cost on Disney+?

Unlike other titles in its catalogue, Mulan is not free for Disney+ subscribers. In addition to the monthly membership fee ($6.99 per month, or via an $69.99 annual plan), subscribers will need to shell out an additional $29.99 to unlock what Disney is calling “Premier Access.” In August, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that the subscription requirement and additional fee were in place to help the company recapture some of its initial investment in the live-action movie, suggesting that Mulan’s hefty price would not be a trendsetter for the streaming platform.

How Long Will You Have to Watch Mulan?

Unlike usual VOD movie offerings, there is no 48-hour rental period during which you need to watch the movie. Once you unlock Premier Access, Mulan is yours to stream for as long as you remain a Disney+ subscriber. So while the $30 price tag is higher than the $20 studios have been charging for so-called “premium” VOD (think King of Staten Island or Trolls World Tour), you can at least watch Mulan over and over again if you (or your kids) so desire. Of course, if you drop your membership to Disney+, you’ll no longer be able to stream the movie.

How Do I Pay for Mulan?

Disney+ says you can purchase the movie directly via its app if you stream via Apple TV, Google, or a Roku device; whatever payment method you have on file will be charged. You can also buy (and stream) the movie on the Disney+ website, following the step-by-step instructions outlined here.

When Will Mulan Be Available on Disney+ for Free?

Disney+ says it will make Mulan available to all subscribers, at no extra cost, on December 4.

What If I Want to Own Mulan on Digital?

Right now, you can’t — but that will almost surely change. Much as studios make movies available for digital purchase a few months after they hit theaters, it seems likely Disney will start selling Mulan via the usual digital channels (iTunes, Google Play) at some point. One hint on when: The Disney+ FAQ page for Premier Access says the offer will only be available through November 2. Given the movie doesn’t become free to all Disney+ subscribers until December 4, some industry analysts believe that could be when the Mouse House begins offering the movie for sale and perhaps even renting it for the usual 48-hour period.

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How Do You Watch the New Mulan?