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Here Are the Young Actors Stepping Into the Rock’s Gigantic Shoes

Big Rock. Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

The Dwayne Johnson coming-of-age comedy series Young Rock has finally assembled its neat little pile of smaller Rocks. In a statement, NBC revealed who will play the wrestler-turned-actor through the ages in the upcoming series, which is set to premiere sometime in 2021. Adrian Groulx will play the Rock at age 10, a.k.a. “Dewey,” a.k.a. Baby Rock: “Honest, headstrong, impressionable and bold.” Honest as a rock. Bradley Constant will play the Rock at age 15, when “his size and full mustache have his classmates convinced he’s an undercover cop.” Finally, Uli Latukefu will play the Rock age 18-20, a.k.a. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Rock. This is hilarious, because Latukefu is straight-up 37 years old. It just goes to show you that The Rock was always so jacked, only an extremely grown man could accurate portray him as a teen.

Mama Rock (Stacey Leilua), Papa Rock (Joseph Lee Anderson), and Granny Rock (Anna Tuisila) were also announced. It’s a whole family of Rocks. A rubble. A quarry. We can’t help but wonder what the casting call for Dwayne Johnson’s coming-of-age comedy Young Rock looked like: “Swole Youth Wanted”? “Extremely Fucking Ripped Teens Needed”? “Lookin’ for a Kid Who Could Beat Up Young Sheldon? The series is still set to premiere in 2021 but we can already smell it cookin’.

Here Are the Young Actors Stepping Into the Rock’s Big Shoes