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Suzie Pickles Would Not Do Well in a Lord of the Rings Situation

HBO Max’s upcoming drama series I Hate Suzie came to Vulture Festival this year, giving viewers an early look at the first part of the story about a woman named Suzie Pickles whose life is not going great. After the screening, lead actress Billie Piper and writer Lucy Prebble sat with us for a Q&A about how the show came to be and, specifically, how and why Suzie is so different from other TV characters. “So many times when you write a character, you’re supposed to start from a point of view of very strongly they know what they want,” Prebble said. “And that’s the motivation, and you write like a character really wants a thing, and then they go over obstacles to get the thing, and that’s your story, sort of Lord of the Rings style. And I thought it was odd that my experience with life is really not like that, and also a lot of people I know’s experience of life isn’t like that, I think, particularly women.” Prebble explains that she wanted to see if she could write a character who not only isn’t goal-oriented, but is “constantly in a state of reactivity.” Basically, you don’t want to give Suzie Pickles the one ring and shove her off to Mordor. It would not end well for anyone at all.

You can rewatch the entire event at before the festival ends on November 1. So, hurry!

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Suzie Pickles Would Not Thrive in Lord of the Rings