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Adam Sandler Displays Severe 2020 Brain by Forgetting the Word ‘Holiday’

To promote his new Netflix movie Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler was a guest on last night’s Late Night, and the most charming and relatable moment from his chat with Seth Meyers arrived when Sandler displayed forgot a very basic word he used only seconds beforehand. “You know Seth, I did Eight Crazy Nights for Hanukkah — that was maybe 15 years ago, so I was allowed my Hanukkah movie. I don’t really know what other holiday they’d let me make,” Sandler told Meyers when discussing why he made a Halloween film with Hubie. “Halloween I’ve been celebrating my entire life and had the best time ever with it,” he continued, “so Netflix was like ‘Could you do a, uh … Could you do some sort of a, uh, uh … What’s that called again? What’s Halloween again?” Meyers cut in: “ … a holiday?” While bursting into laughter, Sandler responded, “Oh yeah, a holiday! That’s right, man! That was a dumb one for the Sandman! That lets you know I haven’t been sleeping much.” “You put me in a really weird situation there, because I thought I knew the word you were looking for, but I kind of couldn’t believe it was the word you couldn’t find,” Meyers told Sandler. “I’m really disgusted with myself right now — and in front of my kid, who is staring at me,” Sandler said. “I’m sorry about humiliating my whole family like that.” Honestly, to still remember basic words in late 2020 is actually pretty impressive, if you ask us. Big thanks to Sandler for normalizing 2020 Brain with his national platform.

Adam Sandler Forgets the Word ‘Holiday’ on Late Night