Adele and H.E.R. Sort Out Who’s the Musical Guest in SNL Promo With Kate McKinnon

Multitalented diva Adele could host SNL, perform at SNL, and could probably take Kate McKinnon’s job at SNL after debuting her American accent in this week’s promo. The “Hello” singer is back at Saturday Night Live, this time as a host with musical guest H.E.R., the enigmatic R&B singer. “Wait, H.E.R. or her?” Kate McKinnon points to each artist. Before we get “Choosin Szn” stuck in everyone’s head, technically it’s H.E.R., but if Adele wants to belt a few bars who’s gonna stop her? Everything that comes out of the woman’s mouth is gold — beloved swear words included — especially her brief but iconic American accent in the next clip. “Oh, my God, no worries, girlfriend,” she goes full Valley Girl to react to McKinnon’s attempt at a British accent. That’s why Lorne Michaels pays her the big bucks, y’all. Adele’s first visit to studio 8H as a performer was back in 2008, just ahead of the 2008 election. Her second came along with 25 in 2015, before we could begin to imagine what the next five years had in store. Clearly, an Adele album was not in the cards, but if this hosting gig is any indicator, rumor has it we won’t have to wait any longer.

Adele, H.E.R. Sort Out Who’s the Musical Guest in SNL Promo