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Amber Ruffin Posts 2016 Late Night Sketch She Wrote on Election Day Assuming Hillary Would Win

Don’t tear up that ticket to Canada just yet, 2015 you. On Friday, Amber Ruffin took some time on The Amber Ruffin Show to share a sketch she had written, Late Night With Seth Meyers had filmed, and editors had prepped to debut, all with the assumption that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election. Well, as you no doubt know by now, Hillary did not win, so the sketch never aired. Until now!

The sketch features Americans happily canceling their moves abroad, two white women within the Trump campaign secretly celebrating, children tasked with sewing MAGA hats liberating themselves, and Amber Ruffin as someone’s late grandmother leaping back across the divide between the living and the dead when she finds out the good news. Even better, John Lutz doesn’t Shawshank himself.

“I show this video to you today to say: Please, whatever you can do, please do it,” Ruffin explains. “Do anything! Vote, talk to people, go door-to-door, text bank, phone bank, dip into your own bank and give.” Says the Peacock late-night host, “Please do something, because the way I feel whenever I watch this video, I don’t want to feel that again next week. Let’s all do whatever we can this election, and then on November 4, let’s rewatch this video and laugh and laugh and laugh. And then maybe Seth won’t make me pay him back for hiring all those children. Deal?” Deal.

Amber Ruffin Posts Late Night Sketch Written for Hillary Win