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Leave It to Amy Adams to Name Her Hillbilly Elegy Wig ‘Beaver’

Photo: Lacey Terrell/Netflix

Just when we thought Margaret Thatcher secured the title of Netflix’s wiggiest wig of the year, in struts Amy Adams, beer in hand, ready to shout at us otherwise. In an amusing aside during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Adams, in conversation with her fellow Hillbilly Elegy star Glenn Close, revealed that she named her film’s wig after a certain flat-tailed cutie. “It was Beaver. The Beave! I called her Beaver-ly,” she said about the Appalachian creation. “I name most of my wigs some version of my characters’ names. ‘It’s time to put the Beaver on.’” (By that logic, we’re going to assume her Sharp Objects wig was named … Camel?) Shooting in “103 degrees” every day proved to be, unsurprisingly, a challenge for the wig’s scratchy nature, in addition to the use of “mild” prosthetics to enhance Adams’s appearance. “I had a slight nose prosthetic,” she added. “You can tell if you see her and I next to each other, but you can’t tell while you’re watching it … I also loved that wig!” Hey, if this is what finally gets Adams an Oscar, some scalp damage was worth it.

Leave It to Amy Adams to Name Her Hillbilly Wig ‘Beaver’